689 Reasons To Defeat Barack Obama Poster


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689 Reasons To Defeat Barack Obama
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Someone had the genius idea: Let’s put together a big list of Obama no-no’s and publish it in National Review’s special September 10, 2012 Republican National Convention issue. Within hours, staff had contributed hundreds of ideas. By the time the magazine had to go to press, in order to fit the allotted pages, we could publish only 689 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama (with hundreds more left out for lack of room).

The article has proven a popular hit with readers, which led the NR Genius Department to wonder: What if we could shoe-horn all the ideas onto one big poster, one that would be colorful and good-looking, that would adorn the dorm rooms of College Republicans and the family room and apartment walls and ideological cubicles of every American who is fed up with Hope and Change, that would remind them with specificity why the phrase “frightening prospect” is the only one fit to describe another term for the Community Organizer and His Traveling Teleprompter?

We think the genius dudes are onto something, so here we go: Now get the famous “689 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama” article in this big (24” by 36”), colorful (red, white, blue, and a little black too) poster, printed on top-quality Satin Coated heavy paper, and suitable for framing or displaying via any other means -- from tape to thumb tacks -- that will let your walls express just how completely fed up you are with the One We Have Been Waiting For (and let’s not forget his gaffe-prone sidekick).

No matter where you look on this impressive compilation, you’ll be reminded (“Oh yeah! I forgot he did THAT too!”) of yet another reason why the time has come to put our national suffering to an end.

The cost for National Review’s 689 Reasons Poster is just $9.99, which includes shipping and handling.

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