Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription, by William F. Buckley Jr.

“Buckley,” as John Leonard once wrote,“—part Magus, prestidigitating supply-side whoopee, and part matador, goring liberal bulls—is in perpetual motion. He edits magazines, proliferates newspaper columns, anchors television programs, skis, sails, and speechifies. In and around those activities, on the keyboard of his Toshiba laptop, from the backseat command module of his customized-in-Texarkana Cadillac limousine, or from the Gstaad chalet where he oil-paints with Nivens and side-slips with Galbraiths, or at the helm of his ketch, Sealestial, somewhere between the Galapagos and Byzantium, like G. K. Chesterton and Moses Herzog . . . Buckley writes letters to the world.”

And you’ll find the best of these letters in Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription, the fascinating collection of WFB’s pointed, brassy, witty, eviscerating, and instructive correspondence—now available direct from National Review.

Ever since it was founded in 1955, National Review has been hearing steadily from its readers, fans, and even foes—but not all of this correspondence was formal “Letters to the Editor.” After a decade, the editors decided that some of the more unusual communications deserved a wider audience, and thus began the immediately popular “Notes & Asides” column, in which Buckley personally responded to the most notable and outrageous letters.

Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription’s selections, culled from four decades of “Notes & Asides,” paint a sometimes hilarious, sometimes sobering picture of the friends and opponents of National Review. Included are uproarious exchanges with ordinary readers and illuminating letters from such figures as Ronald Reagan, Eric Sevareid, Richard Nixon, A. M. Rosenthal, Auberon Waugh, John Kenneth Galbraith, Charlton Heston, and Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

With additional commentary by Buckley, Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription tells an unofficial and alternate history of the United States in the latter half of the twentieth century. And whether he’s being criticized about his hair and posture or being indicted for war crimes by a protest group, WFB delights, always keeping the last word for himself. A must for any Buckley fan, you can now get Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription direct from NR for only $24.95 per copy (the shipping and handling are free!).
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