Skirmishes by Neal B. Freeman

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Skirmishes by Neal B. Freeman

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“Neal Freeman’s writing, which I have celebrated for many years, is superb.” — William F. Buckley Jr.”

Get Skirmishes, the delightful new must-have hardcover, an unrivaled best-of collection of the primo works of one of National Review’s most respected writers, Neal B. Freeman.

As George Will puts it, “Neal Freeman was not just present at the creation of modern conservatism. He was one of the indispensable creators.” Which is why you’ll want to get your copy of this distinguished conservative writer’s new book, Skirmishes, a terrific de facto history of the movement and its most important players over the past 50 years.

Wow. It’s hard to believe Neal B. Freeman has been sharing his unique, smart take on current events—via National Review, The American Spectator, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous other outlets—for that long, and that consistently, but it’s true, and this handsome new hardcover is proof. Big (over 320 pages) and bursting with that special flair that made Freeman (the right-hand of Candidate Buckley in 1965, the instigator of Firing Line the following year, and so much more) a favorite of NR readers and its founder, Skirmishes merits a noteworthy position on the shelf of any and every conservative’s home library.

Order your copy of this engaging new book directly from National Review for only $25, which includes free shipping and handling. Also free, but well-earned, are the deserved compliments many are paying Neal Freeman and Skirmishes . . .

MARK LEVIN: For those familiar with his exceptional thinking on matters of liberty, country, faith and family, we have all benefited enormously from Neal’s insights. In so many ways, he has shown us the way. He is the true conservative’s conservative.

GEORGE GILDER: Rush to reap the wit, wisdom, and business savvy of Neal Freeman, an unsung genius of National Review and cherished bow-tie to the Buckley years of incandescence.

RICHARD BROOKHISER: Neal Freeman was at the heart of it all - National Review, Firing Line, that charge of the bright brigade that was WFB’s 1965 run for mayor — and he kept his finger on the pulse into the new millennium. Add a voice that is intimate, wry and clean as a breeze . . . what a treat awaits.

ROBERT MERRY: Few conservatives have matched Neal B. Freeman’s variegated career . . . It’s a good thing he has been, as Bill Buckley described him, “omnicompetent.” But this book testifies to another talent—insightful, wry, with a lilting style, and always generous-spirited even in criticism, Freeman’s prose approaches the reader stealthily and smoothly, like a friendly cat.

We’re confident you’ll agree. Get your copy of an unrivalled collection (some seven dozen articles and essays!), Neal Freeman’s Skirmishes (which will make a great gift) and enjoy a special, expert-led trip through modern American conservatism.