The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature Set


The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature Set


Compiled by William F. Buckley Jr.

Original Volume (2002): 528 pages / hardcover / 7” by 10” / lavishly illustrated / 37 stories
Volume Two (2003): 528 pages / hardcover / 7” by 10” / lavishly illustrated / 41 stories

These two critically acclaimed collections feature delightful and wholesome children’s stories – personally selected by William F. Buckley Jr. – from some of America’s best writers from the late-19th/early-20th centuries. Each volume contains dozens of stories from literary giants, many first published in St. Nicholas Magazine, the famous journal that established a Golden Age of children’s literature over a century ago.

Among the many renowned authors and beautiful tales in our original 2002 volume are:

    • Mark Twain – “Tom Sawyer Abroad”

    • Lewis Carroll – “Bruno’s Revenge”

    • Rudyard Kipling – “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi,” “Mowgli’s Brothers,” and “Tiger! Tiger!”

    • L. Frank Baum – “Juggerjook”

    • Jack London – “In Yeddo Bay” and “To Repel Boarders”

    • Louisa May Alcott – “Tabby’s Table-Cloth” and “Onawandah”

    • Frances Hodgson Burnett – “The Spring Cleaning,” “The Story of Prince Fairyfoot,” and “The Proud Little Grain of Wheat”

    • Thornton Burgess – “Tommy and The Meadow Mice”

    • Frank Stockton – “Sweet Majoram Day”

    • Bret Harte – “Baby Sylvester”

    • Allen French – “Sir Marrok”

    • Palmer Cox – “The Brownies”

Not to be outdone, our subsequent “Volume Two” edition finds in its happy pages wondrous stories and superior authors such as

    • Mark Twain – “Tom Sawyer, Detective”

    • Rudyard Kipling – “The King’s Ankus” and “Toomai Of The Elephants”

    • L. Frank Baum – “Aunt ‘Phroney’s Boy”

    • Jack London – “The Cruise of the Dazzler”

    • Louisa May Alcott – “The Blind Lark” and “Daisy’s Jewel-Box and How She Filled It”

    • Frances Hodgson Burnett – “The Cozy Lion” and “The Troubles of Queen Silver Bell”

    • Thornton Burgess – “Why Peter Rabbit Has One Less Enemy” and “How It Happened That Reddy Fox Gained a Friend”

    • Joel Chandler Harris – “The Creature with No Claws”

    • Howard Pyle – “The Princess on the Glass Hill”

    • Marion Ames Taggart – “The Wyndham Girls”

    • Ellis Parker Butler – “Pigs Is Pigs”

Children’s literature just doesn’t come any better!

There’s much more. Volume Two includes Joel Chandler Harris’s “The Creature with No Claws,” along with the great Howard Pyle’s “The Princess on the Glass Hill” (with the author’s wonderful artwork!), and Ellis Parker Butler’s “Pigs Is Pigs” (considered one of the best short stories ever). Both volumes include delightful selections from Thornton Burgess’s enchanting “Tommy and the Wishing Stone” series (starring Reddy Fox, Peter Rabbit, and other characters from Burgess’s memorable menagerie), and enchanting poem/stories featuring Palmer Cox’s mischevious “Brownies” (gloriously illustrated by the author!).

Have you ever heard of Blanche Willis Howard, Elaine Goodale Eastman, Ernest Atkins, Charles Lummis, or Winthrop Packard? We hadn’t, until we saw their stories — “Frieda’s Doves,” “Little Brother o’ Dreams,” “Noll and Antoonje,” “The Ants that Pushed on the Sky,” and “The Wizard Shoemaker” — in St. Nicholas. It was like stumbling across priceless gemstones. And now they (and so many more like them!) are polished, gleaming, and yours to enjoy throughout both volumes of The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature.

The critics have raved about these wonderful books. Catholic Parent magazine says these “excellent, wholesome” collections are filled with “wonderful children’s stories that will delight, entertain and nourish your youngsters and teenagers.” And the Wall Street Journal says they’ll “excite in children an appreciation for the human condition.” Every tale—whether about knights and princesses, giants or dwarfs, beggars and angels, whether tales of daring and silliness, or even saintliness, with brave girls defending their country and intrepid boys risking their lives to rescue others—is wholesome, entertaining, instructive, and inspirational.

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